GR2 Engineering Flare and Gas Monetization Solutions

GR2 Engineering’s pre-engineered modular process units are readily available, a proven combination of best-in-class technical and economical solutions for Flare Abatement And Gas Monetization in Nigeria. GR2 Engineering Modular Solutions are designed and fabricated in the U.S., well-known U.S. Technology, Equipment and Fabrication Suppliers,  NUPRC, and our local O&M partners.

GR2 Engineering Modular Solutions are flexible in capacity, highly reliable operations, and easy to maintain with off-the-shelf spare parts. Our dedicated and experienced O&M partners are available full-time for onshore and offshore installations, start-up, maintenance, and operations support.

Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about how we can support you with your Flare and Gas Monetization Solutions.  

GR2 Modular plants

Faster Delivery - better return

  • Proven, pre-engineered modular process plants
  • Designed in the U.S.A.
  • Fabricated by ASME code shops in Texas
  • High availability, off-the-shelf equipment, and components
  • Fully compliant with industry and U.S. engineering standards
  • Flexible power utility options with gas and electric
  • Low-cost operations and maintenance
  • Quick capacity expansion capability


  • Open Art SMR
  • Truck-able, skid built, modular design
  • 400KTA Ethylene and 120,000 gpd LNG capacity
  • 70% capacity turndown and lower 30% with VFD
  • 18 months delivery
  • BAHE Cold-box 24 – 32 weeks
  • 6500hp Compressor 54 – 60 weeks


  • Multi-commodity liquefaction
  • Olefins Export
  • CO2 Liquefaction
  • Flared Gas Recovery
  • Stranded Gas
  • LNG for Bunker Fuel

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