Our modular approach revolutionizes project delivery by offering flexible, pre-engineered solutions that streamline construction processes and accelerate project timelines. With a focus on quality, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, our modular solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your project while delivering superior performance and value. Whether you’re looking to optimize space utilization, reduce construction waste, or enhance project flexibility, GR2 Engineering’s modular solutions provide the answer you’ve been searching for.


GR2 Engineering Flare and Gas Monetization Solutions

GR2 Engineering’s pre-engineered modular process units are readily available, a proven combination of best-in-class technical and economical solutions for Flare Abatement And Gas Monetization in Nigeria. GR2 Engineering Modular Solutions are designed and fabricated in the U.S., well-known U.S. Technology, Equipment and Fabrication Suppliers,  NUPRC, and our local O&M partners.

GR2 Engineering Modular Solutions are flexible in capacity, highly reliable operations, and easy to maintain with off-the-shelf spare parts. Our dedicated and experienced O&M partners are available full-time for onshore and offshore installations, start-up, maintenance, and operations support.

Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about how we can support you with your Flare and Gas Monetization Solutions.  

GR2 Modular plants

Faster Delivery - better return

  • Proven, pre-engineered modular process plants
  • Designed in the U.S.A.
  • Fabricated by ASME code shops in Texas
  • High availability, off-the-shelf equipment, and components
  • Fully compliant with industry and U.S. engineering standards
  • Flexible power utility options with gas and electric
  • Low-cost operations and maintenance
  • Quick capacity expansion capability


  • Open Art SMR
  • Truck-able, skid built, modular design
  • 400KTA Ethylene and 120,000 gpd LNG capacity
  • 70% capacity turndown and lower 30% with VFD
  • 18 months delivery
  • BAHE Cold-box 24 – 32 weeks
  • 6500hp Compressor 54 – 60 weeks


  • Multi-commodity liquefaction
  • Olefins Export
  • CO2 Liquefaction
  • Flared Gas Recovery
  • Stranded Gas
  • LNG for Bunker Fuel

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